Carr Valley

Carr Valley

Sid Cook
LaValle, WI

Carr Valley Cheese is one of America's finest specialty cheese plants. From traditional classics like expertly aged Cheddar Cheese to award-winning American Originals like Cocoa Cardona and Gran Canaria, our skilled cheesemakers turn milk delivered fresh from local dairy farms into more than 100 delicious cheese varieties.

Owned and operated by the Cook family, Carr Valley Cheese Company is over one-hundred years old. Nestled amongst the rolling hills and lush pastures of central Wisconsin, Carr Valley Cheese remains one of Wisconsin's traditional cheese plants, famous for making cheese the old-fashioned way. Our family's passion for cheesemaking excellence runs deep. Today, fourth-generation owner Sid Cook is one of a small handful of certified Master Cheesemakers in the United States. It's a distinction awarded only to veteran Wisconsin craftsmen who complete a rigorous 15-year advanced training and education program.

Carr Valley Cheese Company has won numerous awards over the years. Carr Valley Cheese continues to offer delicious and unique Wisconsin Cheeses from our Aged Cheddar to our Cocoa Cardona. Try some of our quality Wisconsin Cheeses and taste our tradition.


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  • Cheese Black Truffle Goat

    5.6 oz from Carr Valley This cheese is made from fresh goat milk and has a pungent, earthy aroma. The flavor from black truffles blends deliciously with the sweetness of a fresh goat cheese. The texture is firm; it shreds well and is great on salads, burgers and vegetables. Took 2nd Place at the 2010 World Cheese Contest.

    Cheese Black Truffle Goat

  • Cheese, Creama Kasa

    5.6 oz from Carr Valley. An incredibly rich and flavorful triple-cream cheese that's like pure heaven. Its flavor is buttery and piquant, and it melts in your mouth. Perfect for spreading on warm, crusty bread!

    Cheese, Creama Kasa

  • Cheese, Glacier Blue

    6 oz from Carr Valley. Back room Trattoria delicious! Imbued with melodious muchroom truffle notes. A symphony of pure flavor! Great for salads, pastas and snacking.

    Cheese, Glacier Blue

  • Cheese, Havarti

    5.5 oz from Carr Valley. Creamy cheese with a little tangy taste. Very smooth and buttery and once you try it, you'll always want more! Good with jams, jellies, crackers, desserts and dried fruit.

    Cheese, Havarti


4 Item(s)