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One Seed Chicago has provided Fresh Picks with around 500 seed packets to distribute to our customers this week in their boxes. One Seed is a project of NeighborSpace where each year one seed is selected that will be used as a show of solidarity, linking us together as one. Urban gardeners unite! This year the blue lake pole bean has been selected. If you would like to request a seed packet you can do that here: There are resources to help you grow your beans on the packets and on the web along with some cool facts. Did you know? In the 1980's an archeologist working in New Mexico came upon a clay pot sealed with pine tar containing bean seeds that were 1,500 years old...and they grew! We now call this variety "Anasazi beans".


One Seed has recipes, a photo sharing space, and events planned for you and your beans. I hope this entices you enough to visit their website and check out this super cool project that brings us each a little bit closer through the magic of plants (and beans).