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Plow Creek Farm in the Central Illinois town of Tiskilwa is a place with a strong sense of community and caring for the land. We spoke with Erin, now spending her 4th season at the farm.


The Farm



Erin is a great person to tell us about farming since she grew up on a diversified vegetable farm close by in neighboring Indiana. Plow Creek Farm is an 80-acre farm that started as a big garden for folks living on the land and expanded to provide the bounty of the land to others as well. Now owned by the Plow Creek Mennonite Fellowship, the farm provides delicious berries for the picking throughout the season or the purchase of berries and vegetables at their nearby farm stand. They run a small CSA as well. The farm is unique because of the community of families and individuals living and working there. Three families are full-time farmers, another four families help out during the season and interns learning about farming are around as well.


Farm Practices



All produce at Plow Creek is grown sustainably with organicly approved fertilizers and without any toxic herbicides or pesticides. Part of their mission is to care for the beautiful land God created and enhance the life in the soil with lots of friendly microbes.  They do a lot of old-fashioned hoeing and pulling of weeds.

Everyone is up early at Plow Creek Farm to pick fresh berries and vegetables the morning of the farmers' markets. The markets they go to are all within an hour of the farm. Erin works in the vegetable garden where there is lots of weeding and mulching each day. The early harvests are rhubarb, radishes, salad greens and herbs.


Erin's Best of Farming


  • Getting up early and working when it is dewy and pristine
  • Making is possible for folks to eat regionally with variety

Here at Fresh Picks we look forward to offering you a variety of produce from Plow Creek Farm throughout the season!