Cooked Meal Review

Post By Alissa Wolbers
Feb. 17. 2019

This week we're adding a bunch of new freshly prepared meals from Cooked! In addition to our vegetarian entrees and lunches we'll carry a weekly rotating chicken entree, meat entree, fish entree and 3 new kid lunches. I only had the chance to taste one shrimp entree when Chef Jonah stopped by for our Fresh Picks tasting a few months back so we figured I should try the Eggplant Lunch Bowl and write a review!

Now, let’s get down to the eating.


I love the packaging. It's simple and portable. Just what I need for lunch on-the-go (or on-the-sidewalk as it were).

Cooked Review 

There's clear, easy to follow heating instructions. Obviously I'd love to throw it in the oven but I'm at work so I'll opt for the microwave. 

 Cooked Review

Big plus! The container is certified compostable plant fiber.

 Cooked Review

Cooked Review

Upon first opening it I think I'm going to like it. It's hearty quinoa and amaranth with a mix of roasted veggies including eggplant - my favorite! This particular meal is Vegan which I love and it comes with a side of teriyaki sauce to tie it all together.

 Cooked Review

After a few minutes in the microwave I toss it all together with the teriyaki sauce. The final verdict? Very good! The vegetables aren't over cooked so they retain a great texture and the teriyaki sauce is tasty without being overly sweet or salty. It's a simple dish but it certainly fills me up! It comes with quite a bit of food considering it's under $6. I will definitely order this again and am excited to try the rest of the line-up.

What about you? Have you tried any of the new meals? What do you think? Leave me a comment below!!


Is this Heaven?

Post By Irv Cernauskas
Feb. 17. 2019

Driftless Region

Along the back roads of Vernon County Shelly and I found a peaceful oasis when we set out to visit our Wisconsin farmer friends.  Rolling hills wrapped in lush forests are dotted with verdant fields of vegetables.  The chirping of birds, the buzz of the occasional insect flying by and the murmur of a crystal clear creek running nearby are the only sounds.  If you believe that plants can sense their surroundings, it is no wonder some of the most delicious food is grown in this beautiful place.

Is this Heaven?  No, it’s the Driftless region!

Irv with Chuck of Full Harvest 

The friendships that have grown with our farmers in the nine years since we started Fresh Picks, and learning from them how crops are coaxed out of the rich soil, make us feel as though our souls as well as our bodies are being nourished when we sit down for dinner with Richard De Wilde and Andrea Yoder.  More than forty years since Richard first started farming here outside of Viroqua, they just finished building a new house overlooking Harmony Valley Farm.  It is made of wood from their 200 acres of hardwood forest, is super energy efficient, and of course has a great kitchen where Andrea keeps the skills from her culinary training as sharp as the knives.

 Horse Powered Farming

The next day we headed out of Viroqua to visit the horse powered farms of our Amish friends.  We saw the pastures where Dan Schmucker raises our Certified Organic Thanksgiving turkeys, and the tool shop where he does repairs for his neighbors.  Daniel Yoder took us up to the sugar shack where he boils maple syrup from the 1,400 trees he taps up the hill from his farm.  He says his family has maple syrup three times a day, and it doesn’t look like it hurts them a bit!  When we arrived at Pristine View Farm one of the boys jumped bareback on a pony, galloping off to get his Dad.  Jesse and Magdalena Lambright told us the tricks of foraging in the woods for the elusive wild black raspberries they put in their handcrafted preserves, and another of their sons snapped off a handful of garlic scapes for us. 

We came back home, reluctantly, but with renewed respect for the families that produce the food we deliver, and a deeper love for the pristine environment where it is grown.


Post By Irv Cernauskas
Feb. 17. 2019

Taco Tuesday, Taco Thursday, Taco Everyday! Who doesn't love some tacos?!?! Here's some helpful tips on building your own taco out of just about anything, along with some facts that clearly demonstrate why tacos are the superior food group! 

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